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The word education has a Latin derivation. The meaning of this word is 'EDUCATION' in Latin Dictionary, which means bringing up children physically and mentally. But normally education is regarded as synonymous with school instruction. But it is not true; it is only part of the education process. The main aim of education is to prepare the student for future life so that he or she acquires the necessary equipment to discharge his or her responsibilities successfully.   More..


Because trek teaches, how to appreciate the beauty of nature, how to feel 'Heavenly feelings' from pure nature and how to get adjusted with the 'against situation'. Trekking has for long been considered an activity of exorcising the scent of the morose and instilling new life.   More..

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In Gallery Section, we are trying to display the Images which are taken by our members, participated in various trekking program since last 20 years in Himalayan Range.   More..

ABC ADI Kailash Har-ki-Dun Har-ki-Dun
PBC Adi Kailash PBC ADI Kailash

Shiva, in the form of a lingam, is formed naturally of an ice - stalagmite One of the holy trinity, Shiva is a living god. The most ancient and sacred book of India, the Rig Veda evokes his presence in its hymns. Vedic myths, ritual and even astronomy testify to his existence from the dawn of time.

Har Ki Dun

One of the most famous treks in Garhwal Himalayas, Har Ki Dun trek is often used to introduce beginners to trekking. This trek that takes you to the lush valley of Har Ki Doon valley located at the base of Fateh Parvat at 3556m is the most visited trail for experiencing adventure in the Himalayas.


The name Sandakphu means "Height of the poison plants". This is because of the poisonous aconite plants growing in abundance here and Sandakphu being the highest point of Darjeeling hills where such plants grow. Sandakphu is also home to lovely flowering plants like primula and rhododendrons that bloom in plenty in spring.


At an altitude of 4,200 m Dzongri is among the best trekking destinations not only in S ikkim but also in India. The sights of the milky white peaks all around Dzongri are bound to keep you gazing with awe. A patchwork of green and gold streaked with blue - reminiscent of an abstract etching, framed by the majestic snowcapped peaks shining not very far away.